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Smile Friday!

Also know as, the night my Dad got my roommate drunk.


Asian tourist.

The History of the Booty Call

Another Perfect Weekend

Kaila and I headed to SF straight after work on Friday.  We were two single ladies ready for a night out on the town.  Cupcakes and snogging were on the agenda.  Kendall and Tram did not disappoint!

With my faux little sis Tram!

Flashing the required Asian tourist PEACE!

The weather was absolutely perfect the whole time we were there.  After several hot days and nights in Sacramento I was happy to put on a jacket.  I think it was mid sixties in the evening.  Glorious!

We had a late lunch at Sam’s in Tiburon on Saturday, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t room for In and Out milkshakes!

This picture didn’t quite turn out, but I love it anyways.  How freaking cute are we in the bug??

A girl actually told us how cute we were.  Like a freaking music video in Kaila’s cute convertible bug.  I told her that she’s driving until winter and then I’ll take over driving duty again.  Haha

And the cherry on top to the whole trip?  My sister and Tram talking to boys! *GASP* CUTE boys moving in across the street.  And what do cute boys need while working hard?  Beer!  Good job Dummy Ken!

Kaila and I plan to go back asap - we’re shooting for once a month!


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