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My Weekend According to My iPhone

A busy, but relaxing weekend.  It felt so good to wind down after such a rocky start to 2012.  I came home on Friday after work to find a lovely package from Erin Condren on my bed!  A week into the new year and I without a calendar , I can barely believe it!  Before I even had a chance to open that box, Mr. Goddard arrived with the most beautiful teal box!  Not that teal box, but a big glorious Kate Spade box.  I felt like I was starring in my own romantic comedy with the real ribbon bow and folding back the tissue paper.  It was AMAZING! That was the best part of my weekend, everything else just pales in comparison.  Although breakfast at Karen's in Folsom was delicious as usual.  The outlets were breezy, but successful.  I went home with two new hoodies for only $30!   I watched movies, tv, browsed Pinterest like it was my job, baked cupcakes and updated my Etsy shop.

How was your weekend?  How is 2012 treating you so far?




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