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{Cupcake Inspection} Trophy Cupcakes

As a special birthday treat, my sister Caitlin hand delivered these DELICIOUS cupcakes all the way from Seattle.  And not by flight this time, but they were carried and driven all the way by van!  She should know though, it was totally worth it.  Previously I'd only had the pleasure of trying Cupcake Royale, again delivered for my birthday 2 years ago and then visiting their brick and mortar last year at Caitlin's graduation. Despite being at least two days old, I was really blown away.  My first cupcake was absolutely delicious!  The chocolate cake reminded me a lot of my favorite chocolate cake recipe.  I moved through the rest of these slowly so I know it's not as far as an in house judgement, but I'd definitely eat these again - if I ever have the opportunity!  The vanilla cake was dense, but the flavor was good and the frosting was fantastic.  The red velvet wasn't the best I've ever had, but I still managed to eat it all. ;)  If you're ever in Seattle it's definitely worth taking the trip.  My little sister just moved home, but I hope that doesn't mean it will be my last trip to Seattle!




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