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My Weekend According To My iPhone: Monterey Style!

I was barely home 72 hours and off I went again - this time to Monterey for the annual Dad & Daughters trip we take.  We did things a little differently this year - my mom joined us at the lovely Borg's Motel and my sister Kendall is out of the country in Portugal.  We managed to squeeze some fun out of the cool temperatures and we even tried some new eateries - gasp!   Now I'm back home for about 3 weeks before I head to Vegas, Dillon's Beach and San Francisco.  No rest for the wicked! ;)

I'm Back!!

Click on each collage to view larger. 

Did you even notice I was gone?  I guess if you follow me on Facebook then you knew I was in the lovely state of Vermont for that wedding I'd been mentioning.  It was such a blast - I took a million and one photos, but these photo collages should give you a small idea about my trip away.  A couple things I learned?  

  1. Humidity is not my friend.
  2. I can travel anywhere there's a Walmart or Target.
  3. We're boat people.

I'll share more photos from the wedding itself next week because you truly need to see it to believe it.  It was picture perfect! 




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