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Freezer Paper Wedding Banner


This is not a craft meant for beginners and this is coming from a seasoned crafter!  I wouldn't say that it was super difficult, but it was time consuming and tedious.  I had seen this adorable banner all over Pinterest from Martha Stewart and since we were also planning our own kind of courthouse nuptials I thought this would be perfect for our day! 

This was my first venture into freezer paper after seeing it pop up on a few blogs.  What's funny is that I found it in the grocery store right next to the ziplock baggies and aluminum foil.  It actually says right on the front of box to use for arts and crafts.  How do people even discover this kind of thing in the first place?!

Items needed: acrylic paint, foam brush, heavy fabric (I used a canvas material), a dowel and of course freezer paper!


First off you have to figure out how you're going to create the shape of your banner.  I don't have a sewing machine so my original plan was to use stitch witchery.  Cut the shape and then fold over a seam.  I'm pretty sure getting my new MIL involved here was the best decision.

Once you've figured out how to make your banner (sorry I'm not too helpful) I created all my stencils in Illustrator, but if you have Microsoft Word then you're good to go.  Cut your freezer paper into 8.5 x 11 sheets for your printer and print your text onto the flat/dull side.  The shiny side is what sticks to your fabric.  With an exacto knife you'll cut your text out to make your stencils.

I checked around on a couple different blogs and I couldn't get a clear idea on how hot the iron needed to be.  I put mine on the second hottest setting and turned the steam.  If I were to do this again I would buy fabric paint instead of an all-purpose paint.  It took about three coats of paint to get solid coverage.  

I couldn't be happier with the results! It was a fun prop for our day.

GK + JG 4Ever

When it comes to proposals I really feel like men draw the short stick.  They've got weeks, months or even years to think about their proposal.  To marinate on the details, consult family and friends... All while you're living your life blissfully unaware until it happens.  When it does you're probably like most girls where you say, yay!  ring!  finally!  And then in that same breath you start planning the wedding.  Your poor guy had about 5 and a half seconds to shine, relish in the proposal, but your world around you is already trying to sweep you down the aisle.

I gave Mr. Goddard about 6 weeks, silently planning and plotting - trying to let him and this gorgeous ring shine.  Being one of the last of my friends to get married I smugly thought to myself that I would do things differently.  Yeah freaking right!  I knew I didn't want a ceremony, why bother?  I just wanted to throw a big, celebratory party.  Who doesn't love a party??  We would do things differently.

In January we started to make our plans for my awesome party.  We did a visit at my perfect venue, met with a fabulous photographer and perused Freeport's cake page obsessively.  Every step of the way I could see the money that would be draining from our bank accounts by September. Money that could be going towards our dream of buying a home.  I started to become uneasy because I wanted to throw that party, but I didn't want to cut corners and I really wanted us to buy a house.  Then the night before we were to put a deposit down on our venue Mr. Goddard and I had a very frank discussion that for 2014 it would be either wedding OR house.  Not both.

So last Friday, despite some obstacles we were married at the County Clerk's Office in front of our families.  We celebrated on a smaller scale with a delicious, multiple-course lunch at the fanciest hotel in town.  Now we're MARRIED and I couldn't be happier with our decision to start squirreling away that wedding money for a home!  Plus, that gives me plenty of time to plan that housewarming party. ;)

Now the video above is suuuper long and I completely understand that wedding videos aren't always the most exciting.  I made this for myself as a fun way to remember our day and to share with those who weren't there.  Watch a little or watch it all!

My Weekend According To My iPhone

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I know you're looking at all these animal pictures above thinking, what the f*ck.   Saturday's wedding was definitely memorable.  The wedding venue itself was gorgeous, the tables were gorgeous and obviously the bride.  The funny thing is that the gentleman who owns the venue lives there too and is an avid hunter so we got to see a his collection.  Porcupine, deer, an elephant and even the awesome tiger - all types from all over the world.  All in Chico, CA - so random!  It's hard to imagine how this weekend's upcoming wedding can top this!




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