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Hello Again

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I cannot do a single thing around the house without these two being all up in business.  I thought one shadow was more than enough, but for the past six months I've warmed up to two little shadows watching my every move.  Including when I'm trying to photograph my baked goods in the living room because the natural light is better.  They're all hey what are you doing, are you going to eat that, can I just sniff it, can I, can I, can I???  Maybe this is what being a celebrity feels like?  I'm sure the paparazzi can be just as stinky and equally hairy.  Anyways, I snapped this last week and thought it was just too funny not to share.  Oscar obviously need to comb his beard throughout the day.  Dirty boy!

If you don't like small talk then you shouldn't own a dog.

I have repeated this to myself many times since Oscar and I have moved into the palace.  All I want to do is take Oscar to go potty after work and I constantly find myself getting stuck talking to a neighbor!

Since moving in:

  • After pointing out that there was a lot of dog poop in front of MY door {not hers} she asked me what kind of dog Oscar was.  She then went on to tell me how her dog was rescued from the pound.  She sent in a cotton swab to test his DNA and find out what kind of mix he was.  Did you know you could even do that?!
  • Another man who smokes out on his patio every day asked me, “are you going to let him poop there”?  Even though I had a bag.  Uhh yeah asshole and I’m sure you never flick cigarette butts out your van window while driving!
  • Once some bible thumpers tried to convert me LDS while Oscar was taking a shit. They even shook my hand and thanked me for my time AFTER I’d bagged up the poop. Really?! 
  • Just this afternoon, mine and Kaila’s least favorite neighbor, “The Creeper“‘s wife came over to give me her Mary Kay spiel.  Again, while Oscar was pooping - which she commented on.  She kindly gave me samples.  Which hand would you like to put that in?  The one with the leash or the one with poop bag?

UGGGGHHH!?  What is with people?!  At least when I had a bulldog all they wanted to talk about was her.  Everyone has a bulldog story and wants to share it.  That I can handle.  Bible thumpers - notsomuch!




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