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Paper Geek + Pretty Packaging

This weekend my friend Diana introduced me to the term 'paper geek' after hearing it at her local Staples.  The girl who helped her print the bridal shower invitations claimed to be one and for good reason.  I'm not sure if I qualify since I don't really get card stock weights, but I'm still a sucker for paper.  That's why I had to share this fun video with all of you.  My second favorite part of designing is packaging!  When an order comes in my Etsy shop I relish putting together happy mail for the customer.  This girl above really has it down to a science.

What tools or supplies do you use to create happy mail?

Gym Etiquette

[youtube=] Mr. Goddard poked fun at me last week for my behavior at the gym.  Now don't think the worst of me, but I'm the idiot with their headphones on smiling and laughing at whatever is on tv.  Yesterday was by far my worst, but after you watch this video you'll understand why.


Flash Mobbin'

[youtube=] My roommate works for United Way here in Sacramento and several weeks ago they had their second flash mob in the Downtown area.  Flash mobs have become such a sensation so it was completely awesome to witness one in person!

{Keep an eye out for me and Mr. Goddard around minute three.}




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