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The Vanity Campaigns



Today I was planning on announcing the start of my second year running for Sacramento's BEST local blogger.  Run by one of our local news stations; I placed in the top 5 last year.  Not bad for a girl's first time.  I was planning on asking you today very nicely, as these things usually go and by week 8 when you're all sick of me - that's when I'll beg.  Or promise cupcakes, but as it turns out I need more than just one of your votes. I'd also like to announce that two of my very good friends have been nominated as Sacramento's Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette.



Now I'm sure you're thinking, these are two of your single friends... Why not set these two good looking people up?  Well without going into the juicy details let's just say, "been there, done that".  Catch my drift?  So help these two people find love just like Chris Harrison does on the Bachelor by clicking on the image above and voting for Randy and Teresa.  They deserve a rose!

Now back to me... one of your favorite daily reads I'm sure.  Show me the love by clicking on the amazing photo of me up top to secure my spot as Sacramento's best local blogger!  And remember... there could be a cupcake in it for you. ;)

{Local Flavor} Grange @ The Citizen

Last night I dined downtown at Grange for the first time.  One of the nicer restaurants in Sacramento, I was in for a real treat.  As Mr. Goddard and I walked there from his downtown apartment we talked about the misconception surrounding me that I was snobby.  Even though the moment I found out we were going to a NICE restaurant I was panicked.  What would I wear? Why don't I own nicer clothes?  What would I eat?  Would I get stuck eating marrow or something?! I argued that I couldn't be snobby, I'm practically allergic to white linen table clothes! Anyways, dinner was fantastic.  I loved the low lighting, the unusual silverware, and the entire experience.  The company wasn't too bad either!  {Kidding you guys!} A colleague of John's, Lance, whom I met during my adventure down in San Diego liked me enough to invite me to join their dinner last night.  He treated us to a great evening.  Thanks Lance!

Party Time! Excellent!

Getting some special treasures last night for my roommate Kaila's birthday outing.  Mr. Goddard really wanted me to get the hat on the left for her since her theme is "Born To Be Wild".  Unfortunately we went home without either of these lovely hats.  




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