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Freebie Friday: California Pride!



I know I'm taking a risk here at alienating all you non-California girls today.  Being born and bred here I had to try out my own state first.  I always love anything on etsy that's state related so I decided I'd make a little something for myself! For my readers who live in California I hope you enjoy!

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iPad Obsession

1. "Live Colorfully", iPad Sleeve $50.00

2. Stardust Glitter iPad Case $68.00

3. Gadget Glam iPad Case $47.99

4. Lilly Pulitzer iPad Covers $30.00

5. Shena Cases Lovely Little Witch Leather Protective Case $19.69

6. Cherry Red iPad 2 Case with Vegan Leather $23.90

7. Lulu Geometric Printed iPad Case $28.00

For those of youin the cool iPad club like me (thanks babe!) you probably immediately went on the hunt for all the perfect accessories.  Perfect means fun AND affordable because who the F can spend $200 on an iPad sleeve after dropping more than $500 to buy the thing?!  Not me!  Maybe Paris Hilton?

Anyways, I've been scouring the internet for the most amazing sleeves, cases, and screen protectors and I thought I'd share some of the gems I'd found thus far.  Please do share if you've been a proud owner longer than myself and found any great sites or RL stores.  I want to start toting my iPad around with me in my purse, but I'll need proper protection first.  Just like a smart girl on prom night. ;)

iOS 5 Baby!!

Picture 3
Picture 3

*Nerd Alert* I started trying to update my phone yesterday an hour after the new OS was released.  That's right, I say OS instead of operating system or simply, update because I'm a huge apple dork like that.  After attempting the update 3 times I took to the interwebs to see what the f*ck was going on! I quickly realized I wasn't the only one having issues, but this article stated that some people we're succeeding after 10 or more attempts.  So yes, I tried the update the rest of the afternoon at work until I went home.

But today we have success people!  Currently my settings are being restored, but I'll keep you POSTED!! :)  I have a 3GS so I'm sure I'll be missing out on a lot of the cool updates, but that won't discourage me...




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