As I mentioned earlier, I joined my friend Randy downtown to tag along while he looked at over priced lofts.  After very little success we stopped for frozen yogurt and conversation.

Randy seems to have some thing for a damsel in distress.  Well that’s putting it nicely, like I told him today… what is with these basket cases?! He was explaining to me the lady he was meeting later had just got out of a relationship and as much as us women try, it effects us.  We get upset… so he says. Blah, blah…  I said to him, well look at me, I’ve just got out of a relationship.  I think I’m pretty well adjusted.

He says?

Well it wasn’t really that serious.

Really?!  Roughly a year and eight months?  He asked me to move to Southern California with him.  Was I missing something??  I mean I know it wasn’t as serious as my last relationship, but still.  He hurt my feelings a bit.  I didn’t say anything to let him know…




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