{Mr. Mailman}

I don’t know why I’ve neglected to share this little gem with you, but I have a total grade school crush on our mailman at work.  I looked back in my twitter timeline and this has been slooooowly progressing for more than 2 months!  I’m not kidding when I say slow.  I’m sick of it, my friends are sick of it and at this point even my coworkers are sick of it. Everyone is shouting:


I would say that normally, I wouldn’t be against it, but I’m at work.  He’s at work.  It kind of presents a sticky situation.  What if he says no and then I’m stuck seeing him 4 days a week for god knows how long?! I think if we could somehow run into each other on neutral ground then maybe one of us would have the guts to take the next step.  Who knows?

What’s funny is that we had a young female mail carrier before him and we had a pretty chatty relationship as well. All my coworkers thought that SHE liked me.  Maybe I just have a certain magnatism for those working in the postal service?  When she left I told her to make sure her replacement was someone “good” and not grouchy like some in the past I’ve encountered.  She did good ;)

Mailman had been delivering mail for probably a good month or two before he actually made an impression on me.  We’d make friendly conversation, eventually turning a 30 second transaction into a 5 minute daily conversation.  I began to look forward to it and get all stupid excited when I saw the truck pull up.  Now, the entire sales department is practically beside themselves when he arrives.  {The car business is sloooow.} 

At this point we’re at a stand still.  Both of us dancing around the next move. Teetering on making this more than just casual work acquaintances, possibly something beyond the workday.  And like I said, my coworkers are just floored that he hasn’t asked me out. Stating how obvious his flirtation is, but that begs the question - does he have a girlfriend?

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