{The Girl Kyle Bakes} Love is Sweet

You know those gifts that people often give out a Christmas, the layered jars of crap they make to give to people they only kinda like?  Well I love them, but I never want to make them for people I actually like because I worry about the judgement.  I know most people dislike them, never make them and leave them in their cabinets to collect dust.  Not me!  A girl friend actually made some this year for a soup (stew?) and I saved it for a night I didn't want to cook and it was amazing!  (Still need the recipe Didi!)

Anyways, so I recently received this cute jar at a bridal shower.  Even better, there were extras so I got to take two!  I decided to make this sweet and easy treat on Saturday to take to a girl friend's house for dinner.  All I needed was butter, one egg and some vanilla.  I quickly whipped them up and Teresa thought I was amazing for bringing dessert!  #winning

Unfortunately I don't have the girl's recipe, but I did find a really awesome tutorial here.  If you're scared to give them away during the holidays like me, I do think they're a great favor idea for your next party!




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