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The month of December always flies by quicker than I can pop a bottle of champagne so I was delighted these babes and I were able to coordinate our busy schedules to get out of town last weekend.  We headed for a tasting and tour at a place we've all passed hundreds of times on the way to San Francisco - the Fairfield Anheuser Busch Brewery!

For the "Flights of Fairfield" tasting we started off with a little education before our glasses were filled.  With dry mouths and open minds we learned that Californians had their first taste of Budweiser beer in the 1880's.  Today, living in California I've seen a swift shift towards an identity rebirth as we transform into the farm-to-fork capital of America.  It was awesome to learn that Budweiser has been brewing local all along.  Within Fairfield's ingredients there is rice from Woodland and water from Lake Berryessa.  ALL LOCAL!  It clearly what makes them the King of beers (everything tastes better when it's California grown), but what my friends and I really loved was that their brewmaster is a woman! (boys, no need to be shocked, we can do it all)

On the tour we had the opportunity to not only taste the beer, but the individual ingredients that go into our favorite beer. Wheat, barley and a strong whiff of these hops.  Not my favorite smell, but the end game is worth it right? (of course it is, silly)

Shock Top is my "go-to" beer, but my friend Grace and I bravely tried the other beers in our flight - Budweiser, Stella Artois (pronounced Ah-twa, did you know that?!), Beck's and Bass.

Another interesting fact?  During prohibition when many companies struggled or went under they diversified and survived by getting involved in other products, including ice cream!  Unfortunately those products are no longer available, but I see a TGK challenge ahead. ;) (I want that ice cream)


Sooooo many cans!

If you're interested in doing a tasting of your own in Fairfield the cost is only $10 per person and includes a complimentary glass based on your beer flight of choice.  Affordable, LOCAL, fun that's close by or even a pit stop on your way to the city!  Head on over to their site for even more information.

This post is in partnership with Anheuser Busch.




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