Dear Roommate Gods Continued...

Right before I moved out I vented a little A LOT about my roommate and our living situation.  The gods may have answered me.  No, I didn’t put dog shit under his bed…  I got an apology instead:

I just want you to know that I’m sorry if I was a grumpy person to live with..all in all I think that we will be better friends nows and it was a good experience and I appreciate the cleaning you did and for being a nice and respectful roommate

I had a lot of not so nice things I wanted to say back.  For starters what a load of crap… better friends??  I think NOT.  Instead I was tactful and chose my words carefully and in response:

Well I kinda feel like I wasn’t very pleasant at times and it’s just cause I have so much financial stuff going once again I’m sorry if I soured the experience and I have no ill or hard are still one of my best friends

NO ILL FEELINGS?!  Thanks!  But I don’t give a shit!  If anyone should have ”ill feelings” it should be me!  And NO, you are not one of my best friends.  Thanks anyways.

No I didn’t SAY that.  That’s just what I felt.




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