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Diet & Exercise Make Me Gag. Literally.

{Image via One 10 Performance & Nutrition Website}

Mr. Goddard emailed me last week and asked me something about a spin class.  I would have thought that the obvious answer would have been, no of course my girlfriend whose practically allergic to exercise would have never taken a spin class.  It must be one of those men are from Mars things...  So being the wonderful girlfriend I am, I agreed that I would try a spin class for him.  I knew our gym doesn't offer spin so I thought I had this situation locked up... Little did I know.

Come Sunday night Mr. G drops the bomb on me that we've been "selected" for this 3 week training class.  I'm sure he thought if he made it seem like I'd "won" the spot I'd forget about the whole fitness thing.  Wrong.  As I'm about to launch into a small whiney temper tantrum he reminded me that not less than an hour ago I had told him in the middle of This Means War that I would please like Reese's legs and could we please work on that...

{Reese's hot legs via a Google search}

So last night I went for what I thought was going to be my first spin class.  Thankfully Mr. Goddard was misinformed and I suffered through another kind of torture - being weighed and measured.  No surprise, I'm not exactly healthy, but the gentleman assured me I'm right on the cusp and he would definitely get me into some healthier numbers.  I also delighted to find out that for the next three weeks I won't be permitted to drink alcohol (the horror?!), but thankfully the program will end in time for me to properly enjoy St. Patrick's day.  My roommate Kaila immediately calculated it out.  In the meantime I'll be enjoying things like zucchini, whey protein and egg whites. Yay!

Speaking of egg whites...  I've always preferred my eggs in a baked good, but for the sake of the program and Mr. G's bank account I thought I'd attempt the egg white.  How hard could it be?  Just shovel them in as quickly as possible as to not actually taste them.  Wrong.  I managed to only swallow one bite.  One!  The rest wasn't pretty, but I won't go into any further details.  Between my new diet and exercise program mixed with my uncontrollable reaction to throwing up eggs - I'm guessing I'll be down some major lbs come March.

To be continued...

What Have I Done?

Mr. Goddard (AKA Baby Beluga) and I (AKA Chubby Bunny) joined the gym yesterday.  Well he already belongs to 24 Hour Fitness, but Crunch just made it's way out to Sacramento and a year membership was only $9.95 a month.  A deal I couldn't overlook.  So after literally a year of talking about getting into better shape and losing some unwanted pounds - we finally bit the bullet. Something that most of you probably don't know is that Mr. G used to be super in shape.  Working out religiously with a trainer, running many miles in the AM and PM and eating disgusting meals of tuna with no mayonnaise.  This is what he used to look like several years ago.  What's kind of funny is that when my girl friend Teresa originally tried to set us up my roommate showed me this fitness spread.  She was a 24 member and recognized him from the gym because he was one of their success stories, even getting a little coverage from our local paper!  While many girls are into the whole muscles thing, I was totally turned off.  Haha!  I didn't want to date someone who loved spending time in the gym more than he loved spending time with me.  I've met guys like him before who talk about fitness programs, protein supplements and how much they can bench.  As a girl who hasn't really set foot in a gym since I worked in a gym (such a contradiction, I know) I didn't think we could overcome that.

My what a difference a year can make!  Don't worry, I'm still strongly opposed to exercise, but A) I don't want to him to be the hot, fit one and me be that girl that other people look at and think, how'd she get him? and B) I'd lost about 15lbs. two or three years ago just by walking regularly with my mother.  I wasn't skinny by any means, but I was much happier in my own body and I'd like to get back to that place.

So here is to the possibilities and to Mr. G and I losing those nicknames and hopefully I'll be looking a little leaner in time for my birthday :) 79 days 15 hours and 49 minutes!!

{Mr. Goddard's favorite app is called 'Face in Hole'.  He so lovingly made me an "After" photo to inspire us.}

I just started working out again.  First week back.  I’m still fat and I still hate the gym.  I have to face that I will never be one of those people who love it, enjoy it or feel better after doing it.  I like to eat crap and unless I want to break 200 then I guess I better keep at it.  Ugh!




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