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Tonight is the finale of The Bachelor, which also means our Monday Night Mafia is also going on hiatus for the time being.

I’m so looking forward to a full house tonight, pulled pork sandwiches and finding out who will be the last girl standing! {Ssssh don’t tell me if you “know”} I saw the cover of US Weekly at the grocery store this weekend.  They’re saying that Emily walks away with the final rose, but I’m throwing caution to the wind and picking Chantal as my final choice in our fantasy league!

Who do you think will live happily ever after (read: 4 months, tops) with Brad?

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The scene.

Kaila almost slipped into a rage blackout last night when she went to the store to get ground turkey.

They were completely out!

How is that even possible?! How can we be expected to have taco salad tonight without the meat?? It may just come down to us butchering some wild turkey in East Sacramento…




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