Thanksgiving 2009!

We ran out of room INSIDE of the Highlander and it was suggested that Oscar ride INSIDE his crate on the roof.  He didn’t seem to like idea so much.

We walked in Chico’s run for the hungry.  My sister and my cousin warmed up with a little booty shaking and ponytail swinging.

If I were planning a huge charity race I would plan the start a little better.  I have about 5 races under my belt and I hate the first 20 minutes where everything is at a grinding halt.  No bottle necks, no strollers, no SLOW PEOPLE.  Just a thought, but at a run for anything I would at least like motion.

Wouldn’t you say this is a beautiful turkey?!  My ever indulgent family made me a special barbeque chicken, baked potato and salad.  A special meal for a special girl. :)

Me with my two favorite cousins!  Meet Carson and Lauren.

Our beautiful tablescaping was brought to you by our quick homemade scarves from the morning’s race.  Those napkin rings? Also from the race!  We’re being green. ha!

I think Oscar is pretty full as well.




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