{Feel Good Friday} Call Your Girlfriend

The events going on in the USA this week has been devastating for so many people.  I know terrible things happen every day, all over the world, but this week things have hit too close to home.  It fills me with terrible sadness to see that a 20 year old boy is being hunted this morning.  At such a young age his heart was so full of hate and anger that he wanted to bring harm on unsuspecting strangers.  I'm sure many of you, like myself, have felt incredibly reflective and I hope that you eventually find some peace.


Today, I want to focus on two young girls whose hearts are filled with music.  I am so glad that they choose to share their gift with the world on YouTube.  You may recognize these girls from the show Nashville.  They really caught my attention a couple weeks ago when they covered the Lumineers' 'Ho Hey'.  I immediately went on Google and found they have quite a following online.  They even come from musical parents, The Stellas!  I have always enjoyed singing, but I wish that I had their amazing voices.  Watch the video and you'll fall in love with these cuties too!




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