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[iOS 5 Update]

I cannot believe that my 3GS was eligible for all the updates!  I'm loooving the new notification center! Have you downloaded it yet?

iOS 5 Baby!!

Picture 3
Picture 3

*Nerd Alert* I started trying to update my phone yesterday an hour after the new OS was released.  That's right, I say OS instead of operating system or simply, update because I'm a huge apple dork like that.  After attempting the update 3 times I took to the interwebs to see what the f*ck was going on! I quickly realized I wasn't the only one having issues, but this article stated that some people we're succeeding after 10 or more attempts.  So yes, I tried the update the rest of the afternoon at work until I went home.

But today we have success people!  Currently my settings are being restored, but I'll keep you POSTED!! :)  I have a 3GS so I'm sure I'll be missing out on a lot of the cool updates, but that won't discourage me...

Soooooooo glad I waited!!!




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