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My Weekend According to My iPhone

Finally a weekend of downtime!  The new digs is starting to look like a home thanks to my extra day off.  Actually hung some art on the walls, started painting my chandelier for the living room and figured out the solution to our nightstand dilemma.  Even the dogs got a bath!  Exciting life here isn't it?  I've traded happy hour for a happy house.  Oh who am I kidding... there's always a bottle of wine in the fridge. :) Happy Monday!

Baby Shower for 2

It's been a busy week!  Full of (semi) healthy eating and being punished at the gym.  This has been my first chance to go through last weekend's pictures from the shower.

My Mom hosted a baby shower for our family friend Amy on Saturday.  She's expecting twins and my mom - barren of grandchildren - could not be any more excited!  I helped too.  You may have seen the shower invitation in my etsy shop and of course I made dessert.  Snickerdoodle cupcakes and brownies per the mamacita's request.

The food was wonderful as always.  My favorite - chicken salad sandwiches.  I ate only one small baby sandwich because of my new "lifestyle" and loaded up on the beautiful strawberries.

The company wasn't too bad either.  Caitlin is living back in Sac now and Kendall was in town from SF.  My mom might not have any grandchildren to spoil, but she had all her babies together. :)

Looking forward to Baby 1 and Baby 2's arrival. That's right, they haven't picked names yet!  Regardless, there are lots of people that can't wait to meet them and snuggle them like crazy!

Yet another end to another busy weekend.  Okay, I won’t lie - I did spend the majority of my Saturday morning doing nothing, but when will I do a whole weekend of nothing?

I took this at Jen’s baby shower this afternoon.  Jaylen will be having a younger brother in October and she got to help her mom open all his presents.




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