Photo-A-Day Challenge: March

Row One {Left to Right} : 1) Up 2) Fruit 3) Your Neighborhood 4) Bedside 5) A Smile 6) 5PM 7) Something You Wore

Row Two: 8) Window 9) Red 10) Loud 11) Someone You Talked To Today 12) Fork 13) A Sign 14) Clouds

Row Three: 15) Car 16) Sunglasses 17) Green 18) A Corner of Your Home 19) Funny 20) Before / After 21) Delicious

Row Four: 22) Kitchen Sink 23) Moon 24) An Animal 25) Breakfast 26) Key 27) Your Name 28) Trash

Row Five: 29) Feet 30) Toy 31) Where You Relax

Just in case you're just joining the photo-a-day challenge, let me catch you up.  This is 365 photo montage that fat mum slim is running.  For those of us who can't commit to a whole year or just aren't that creative - she's simplified things by breaking it down each month.  Each day she provides a prompt for you.  Here's what I did in January and February.  If you'd like to try it out in the month of April then jump on over to her blog and save this month's image.




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