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The Best of 2014

2014 was an amazing, crazy year!  I crammed e-v-e-r-y adult thing a person could hope to check off their list (short of a baby) in one year.  Laying in bed, hopefully without a hangover from last night's festivities I wanted to share with you what I thought made 2014 one of the best yet!

  1. JAMS: By far the best new music of the year comes from Little Big Town.  I don't care if you're a Country music fan or not - you at least need to listen to Karen Fairchild's power vocals on Girl Crush.
  2. PRODUCT: This amazing product fell into my hands very late in the year thanks to my little sister Caitlin.  It's a one size fits all hair product that will not leave you disappointed no matter what type of locks you have.  TRY IT!  On sale at CVS now.
  3. DIY:  My favorite Pinterest success was a sweet 21st birthday crown.  So cute that I wanted to figure out a way to wear it for all my unbirthdays.
  4. BLOG LOVE:  Not a new blog and not even new to me, but I really dug all the fashion content from Shop Dandy this year.  She's a real chick wearing real clothes.  You can actually find pieces of her outfits at your local stores!
  5. CELEBRITY NEWS: Judge me, but my favorite celeb drama this year was Amanda Bynes.  Move over Kardashians!  This girl does NOT look good in cars (bad lighting) and is just trying to get herself back to New York City.  Sorry girl, I was really hoping fashion school would work out.
  6. APP:  If you're overwhelmed by which photo app to download I'll help you narrow it down -VSCO Cam is the best!  There's a bit of a learning curve, but it's like mini-photoshop and it will take your Instagram to the next level.
  7. PARTY THEME:  My girl friend Amber invited us to an 80's Ski Lodge Party this holiday season.  Ugly Sweater parties are out.  All 80's...all the time.
  8. COCKTAIL:  Raspberry Basil Limoncello Cocktail - a long name for a fancy pants drink.  I'm not going to lie to you, this drink is a lot of work.  The upside is that it's totally worth it, completely delicious and sneaks up on you.  It was just the right ingredient for a wild girls night in.  
  9. TV SHOW: If you're not watching How to Get Away With Murder then we can't be friends.  This is exactly what you need to do this weekend - catch up!
  10. LIFE:  As I said, a LOT when down in 2014 for me and the mister.  My top Instagram photo reflects just one of the many happy moments this year... Getting MARRIED to my best guy!

I cannot wait to see what 2015 brings for us this year, but I have a feeling it's going to keep getting better!

{Feel Good Friday} If I Could Turn Back Time


If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher

Some people like to go to bars to karaoke.  Some people karaoke with their game consoles.  Kaila and I just sing at the top of our lungs with a broken, old microphone like no ones watching (or recording).  This little gem has been brought to you by Barefoot chardonnay and my 29th birthday.

This weekend time will not be turning back, but actually moving forward.  Forwards toward a new year and new beginnings.  That is if you're not buying this whole end of the world thing.  Mr. Goddard and I will either be celebrating at home or possibly at the Yelp Elite party, but as of right now I don't where the actual party is so that will make it kind of hard for me to attend.  Time will tell.  (Haha you like how I used time again?)

Where will you be ringing in the New Year?

New Year's Eve

In less than an hour the keys to our cabin rental in Tahoe will be dropped off. Yay!

It’s always work to get a group together for an away trip, but once I see snow and there is a glass of wine in my hand - it will be worth it!

I’ve heard it’s crazy up there for the holiday, but I’m looking forward to a new adventure!




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