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Crafts of Christmas Past

In honor of #TBT I'm sharing one of my favorite holiday crafts from 2011!  The is super simple and can be done by even the novice crafters out there.  I also like that ability to customize each year to whatever your holiday decor theme may be.  Click through for a complete step by step of the process.

DIY Mini Floral Crown

DIY Mini Floral Crown 1

A couple months ago my friend Vanessa finally turned 21 after what felt like a million (three) years.  During this time she and I had talked and planned about all the fun things we would do and the drinks we would drink!  She's a stylish girl after my own heart so for her big day I pondered a sash or crown or BOTH!  I'd seen an adorable mini crown on Etsy awhile ago, but it just wasn't right so my mini crown search continued.  After an afternoon of research I came up empty handed.  Legitimate question - why is it is so hard to find affordable, adult tutus and crowns?!  I realized that it was up to me to turn my vision into reality.  

DIY Mini Floral Crown 2

Supplies List

  • Faux Flowers
  • Lace Trim
  • Hot Glue
  • Sponge Brush
  • Craft Paint In Desired Color(s)
  • Fabric Stiffener
  1. Cut the lace trim to desired link.  Mine was roughly 11" for her mini crown, but depending on the person or the look you're going for you may need something longer.
  2. Cover your surface with something protective like foil so that you can easily through it away at the end of the project.  I used press and seal!
  3. Spray generously with the fabric stiffener.  I could have definitely used more and if I had time spray again and let it dry I would have so if you're worried about over doing it just give yourself enough time to go a couple rounds.
  4. Once the stiffener is dry, paint any color.  I painted mine with a sponge brush and two different kinds of paint, but looking back I could have probably used spray paint I had laying around.  Just spray lightly and do a couple coats.
  5. Hot glue the two ends of the lace trim together to achieve a cylinder and now you have the beginning of your crown!
  6. Remove the flower heads from your faux bouquet and put just a small dab of hot glue on the underside.  I then poked these through the "holes" of the lace.  I only put flowers on the frontside of the crown, but this was purely my preference.

I'm so happy how her crown turned out!  She spent the weekend at my house and when she came home Friday evening her crown was awaiting her upon her pillow.  Such a birthday princess!

My friend Kaila and I were definitely jealous so I think come October and December we will have to have our own mini crowns for our birthdays.

Before and After: Shabby Chic Office Set

I love a good before and after.  Weight loss, beauty makeover, furniture - you name it!  As often as I repurpose different furniture pieces you'd think I'd have a lot more to share here, but I'm TERRIBLE about taking photos of my progress.

Shabby Chic Office Set 2

This time is really no different, but I did remember to at least take some before photos.  I took the 'before' last year when I tried to sell the pieces 'as is' on Craigslist.  I got a few little nibbles, but since then they've been collecting dust in our garage.  

As you may have heard, Mr. G and I are saving $$ to buy a house so now I figure let's get rid of everything we're not using!  Any little thing helps and when we do move then hopefully we'll have an empty garage and less to actually move.

Shabby Chic Office Set 3

What you missed seeing is me sweating over these pieces this weekend with the sunscreen running into my eyes, sanding and polishing to perfection!  Now my project is complete and looking for a chic new home Sacramento.  If you're interested in purchasing these pieces check them out here.

Shabby Chic Office Set 4

*puppy not included




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