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If you walk into a place of business you should probably take your sunglasses off. Unless you’re like Kayne or something. You should ABSOLUTELY take your sunglasses off when you’re speaking with an employee at that business. Whether it be the checker at the supermarket or speaking to the beautiful receptionist at a luxury car dealership?! I don’t care if your dead husband owned an insurance company. As the Countess so eloquently sang, “money can’t buy you class”.

Oh and by the way, you also shouldn’t mix animal prints. Two different leopards, ewwe. And drawing on a black mole after the age of 70?! What were you thinking?? You’re Marilyn Monroe or something??



A million years from now when I have children one of theany important things I will teach them is good phone manners.

Every job I’ve had has involved answering phones in the job description. After almost ten years I’m sick of the idiots! “I think I need service or something.”. That is NOT accetable! Do you or don’t you? Why don’t you THINK about it before you pick up the phone?!

As a child your parents probably told you to think before you speak. Well the same thing applies here. You called me. Not the other way around so it’s best to have a name in mind or at least have your thoughts formulated.

I have never claimed to have the most ladylike manners, but I do believe in treating service personnel with courtesy. We have all been there at one time or another so make it a little easier.

It's the little things...

Today I went and met some lovely ladies and their fellow coworkers for happy hour drinks at Bistro 33rd downtown.

Lovely time.  Lovely weather.  And lovely people.

What stood out though, is that one of the coworker’s son, whom I’d met about 20 minutes prior stood up when I got up to say goodbye to everyone.  Stood up, when it wasn’t necessary and shook my hand.

Sweet.  Very sweet.




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